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Helado Negro will bring his psychedelic meneíto to Barcelona and Madrid

You have just pressed play to listen to Helado Negro’s most recent release, This is How You Smile, and whilst you listen it feels like a déjà vu, as if it were already a habit. It has that rare quality that only classics have. It is full of small pieces of dream folk that trigger memories that are difficult to explain. Did your mum not hum País Nublado in the car? Was País Nublado not on the soundtrack of that film we watched every summer? Its familiarity is comforting: a tradition can also start in 2019.

Roberto Carlos Lange, born to Ecuadorian immigrants in Florida and based in Brooklyn, he has been signing his music with the alias Helado Negro for a decade now. Sometimes he sings it in Spanish and at others in English. He calls it “psychedelic meneíto”. Most of it, since he debuted with Awe Owe in 2009, has been released on Sufjan Steven’s label, another musician who has a special ability to make us evoke things that in fact have never happened to us. Next time we will talk about the things that will never happen: like the release of any records better than This is How You Smile this year.

Tickets on sale at the price of 18 € (plus distribution costs) on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.

Tour in co-production with Xtrarradio.