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Algiers’ songs for dark times will echo in Barcelona and Madrid next year

“In the dark times,
Will there be singing?
Yes, there will be singing,
About the dark times”. 

The quotation from Bertolt Brecht used by Algiers in 2017, when they released their second album The Underside of Power, is still valid today in 2019: if with two albums the Atlanta band has still not managed to change the world, let’s go for third time lucky. If in 2019 the planet is even more fucked up than it was in 2017, we have to keep fighting.

Franklin James Fisher, Ryan Mahan, Lee Tesche and the former Bloc Party member Matt Tong are absolutely clear about that and it is in this context that they are releasing Can the Sub_Bass Speak?, audio-visual track in collaboration with the duo of producers Randall Dunn and Ben Greenberg (Jóhann Jóhannsson, Sunn O))), Uniform) that expands on their collage of free jazz, post-punk and dystopian soul with anti-racist and anti-fascist messages. It is part of the artistic web and installation and anticipates the reactivation of Algiers’ battle and will be followed very soon by new music that will take them on a European tour with dates in Razzmatazz 3 in Barcelona (on such a unique date as February 29th) and in Café Berlín in Madrid (March 1st). In dark times, songs to light the way.

Tickets on sale for the Barcelona concert at the price of 16 € (plus distribution costs) from Friday 30th August at 10 am on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.