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Indie is dead, long live indie! (Sandy) Alex G will play in Barcelona and Madrid in February

When nobody was even talking about bedroom pop yet, Alexander Giannascoli’s room had already served as a recording studio for several albums. He would record them and, without any great ceremony, upload them on that Bandcamp profile that ended up being his own personal Boyhood. There we watched him grow from album to album, without him even knowing if anybody out there was listening. First as Alex G; then as (Sandy) Alex G the alias that this premature veteran still uses today. He has already released eight! albums during his career that started in this decade that is nearing its end: the first, Race, was released on January 1st 2010.

Afterwards, there came the almost accidental turning point in his career, starting with DSU (2014), with his signing to Domino records and not forgetting a surprising invitation from Frank Ocean to participate on the incredible Blonde. These are all valid reasons to believe that this indie-is-dead-and-buried stuff is great as long as it resuscitates every now and again to be reincarnated in characters like (Sandy) Alex G, the penultimate link in the invisible chain that could connect Elliott Smith, Jason Molina, Mark Linkous, Stephen Malkmus, Conor Oberst and Bradford Cox and, whilst we are at it, jangle guitars, country beats, psychedelic whirlpools, the gentleness of folk and a hint or two of grunge. On September 13th he will extend his own chain with the release of House of Sugar, his new album.

Tickets on sale from July 19th at 11:00 at the price of 15 € (plus distribution costs) on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.