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Carpenter Brut’s night of living synthesisers comes to Barcelona and Madrid

  • The French artist will present Leather Teeth on 6th November in Razzmatazz and on 7th November in Teatro Barceló

Bacardí Live stage, Thursday 31st May, 4 o’clock in the morning. According to these time-space coordinates, we would be in the volcanic concert that the French artist Carpenter Brut gave in Barcelona just a few days ago at Primavera Sound. But in truth, the date and the location to which the keyboards of Franck Hueso (that is what the artist hiding behind this project is called) take us is even more intangible: the stills of some horror film from the late seventies, early eighties, those that you could find by searching painstakingly through the shelves of the video club.

A retrowave icon, whilst at the same time being an artist that transcends that very label, Carpenter Brut has brought bulky, dark synthesisers back to life on his three already famous EPs (later compiled in Trilogy) and an album, Leather Teeth, that contains the music that John Carpenter probably whistles in the shower. Although live he is joined by a guitar player and a drummer, the mysterious musician from Poitiers (he hides his identity and face with as much zeal as Daft Punk did in days gone by) he has become one of the cult names in contemporary electronic music. The fact is that despite the instruments that he uses on stage, when Carpenter Brut plays live he is going straight for you. Be scared, very scared.


Tickets now on sale at the price of 22€ on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.