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Gospel meets black metal at Zeal & Ardor’s live shows

  • The Swiss-American artist Manuel Gagneux will present the songs from his second album Stranger Fruit

  • This pagan ceremony will take place on 18th December in Copérnico (Madrid) and on 19th December in La (2) de Apolo (Barcelona)

The combinatorial analysis that explains Zeal & Ardor seems an impossible array of contradictions, starting with the nationality of their frontman, Manuel Gagneux: Swiss-American, Central European order and American casualness. It shouldn’t come as any shock then, that antagonistic genres come together in their music. If Zeal & Ardor force gospel (that is to say: the religious polyphonies praising the Lord) to meet black metal (that is to say: the radicalisation of rock to the greater glory of evil) it is because essentially both styles share a similar energy, but in opposing directions: elevation versus descent.

From this apparently unnatural coupling is born a variant of avant-garde metal that is difficult to imagine until you hear it. On the albums David Is Fine and the very recent Stranger Fruit one can get an idea, but it won’t be until we see Zeal & Ardor live that we will throw our hands up in the air and shout: Praise be to the Lord! Or was it “Praise to be Satan!”?

Tickets on sale at the price of 20€ on Friday 15th June at 11:00 am on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.