Italia Music Export SIAE | Puglia Sounds | A Buzz Supreme (IT)

Italia Music Export is Italy's first music export office, powered by SIAE and launched in November 2017 with the aim of putting Italy back on the music business world map. Italia Music Export is a resource center for exporters of Italian music, but it also gives advice and assistance to international professionals interested in working with Italian artists and companies.

Puglia Sounds is a public office created by the regional government of Puglia, Italy in 2010 to boost Puglia’s musicians and music industry and help establish the region as a major player in the Italian and international music scene. It is the first of its kind in Italy: a government-sponsored program focused on music projects and endeavors, recognizing the important role that music continues to play in the economic growth and cultural life of its home region, and how important it is to connect Puglia with major national and international music markets.

A Buzz Supreme is a promotion, publishing and management company that works with artists, labels, distributors and international publishers, promoting some of the most interesting and original Italian artists both in Italy and abroad. The company guides self-produced musicians into the music business and also helps them choose all the necessary partners. A Buzz Supreme also offers editorial consulting for cinema and television synch.