osé Luis Domínguez is a founding partner of the agencies that make up the Grupo Anónimos in Mexico: Managers Anónimos, LOV/RECS, Discos Anónimos, Anónimos Publishing and Mano Booking. He has worked for several years in the musical industry in Mexico, more specifically in the development of Alternative, Indie and Urban Latin talents. He works as a booker, manager, record label A&R and publishing A&R, among other things.   Currently, among other talents, he works with Managers Anónimos managing Sabino and Siddhartha, two of the greatest exponents in Alternative Latin music in Mexico. He also works as a record label A&R, with bands like Little Jesus and publishing with authors the calibre of Porter, Charles Ans and Robot, among many others.

Currently he is working in the booking of bands including Siddhartha, Sabino, Lila Downs, Amigos Invisibles, Cuca, Disidente, Babasónicos, Charles Ans, Esteman, Caloncho, among others.