FuturePulse: empowering the music industry with predictive analytics

FuturePulse is a platform offering music data analytics and predictive services to help companies understand the audience and trends of the future. It leverages a variety of music data including: broadcasting (TV, radio) and streaming usages; streams of social media discussions and interactions; and audio content.

FuturePulse offers these capabilities over a visual web solution enabling the immersion of music professionals in the realm of music data, centred on 3 high-impact use cases:

* Record Labels

* Live Music

* Online Music Platforms

FuturePulse is an EU-cofunded R&D project carried out by three pilot partners (Playground, Sónar and Soundtrack Your Brand), two leading EU research organisations (CERTH, IRCAM), and three IT and data providers (BMAT, ATC and Musimap).