Digital wellbeing and a better way forward for music marketing

Language: English

Do you see your fans as mere statistics or music loving human beings? Social media has given digital marketeers a wealth of precise data with which to measure audience behaviour and accurately boost music and ticket sales. However, should this space be a playground for marketeers to run riot and rinse people for likes and clicks? Every day we read about leakings of millions of users data profiles or more people getting addicted to browsing their smartphones. Social media is holding us captive through their aggressive advertising models, through the design of mechanisms like the Like button and the endless churn of the News Feed. Social media users should be handled with greater care if we’re to get the best out of them.

Drawing on thirteen years working in online PR and social media management, Debbie Ball at Create Spark is in the process of developing a more holistic way to promote music online without reducing fans to sales stats. This masterclass will give an insight into how to use tech for good to promote artists and connect with fans in a meaningful way.