lán Hensley is a product manager and A&R for EMPIRE, one of the largest independent music labels and distributors in the United States. Originally born in Mexico City, D.F., Alán moved to Northern California at a young age where he grew up listening to hip hop, punk rock, and pop music along with the traditional Latin songs his mother played. Alán attended undergraduate school at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, where he earned a dual degree in Music Management and Marketing and fell in love with turntablism. After graduating, Alán began throwing parties with his friends from Pacific called The GetDowns. These underground events led to Alán joining his now business partners in the development of the DJ collective and events company Plural Music.

In 2014 Alán attended Berklee College of Music’s Global Entertainment and Music Business Master’s program at their sister campus in Valencia, Spain, in hopes of learning more about the global music marketplace. Today, Alán lives in California’s Bay Are where he works running the day-to-day operations for EMPIRE’s Latin music division EMPIRE Latino. During his 2 and a half years at EMPIRE, Alán has been essential in the label’s reception of 2 Latin Grammy wins, three #1 Latin albums on iTunes, 1 Latin Grammy nomination, and 2 Grammy nominations for projects he helped manage.