This must be the place: ethics and aesthetics of virtual spaces


16:00 - 16:45 (CEST)

Language: English

While stars like Travis Scott and Marshmello hold special events on Fortnite that are followed by millions of people, there are brand new voices like 100 gecs whose first public appearance was on Minecraft. What until now seemed like experimental curiosity begins to look like a serious business path that, far from replacing the concert experience, could be an audiovisual and creative expansion for artists and a new source of income from music syncs.

To enter into this exciting territory and to appreciate its symbolic and political dimension, Primavera Pro presents a conversation between Umru Rothenberg, artist and producer at PC Music and member of the Open Pit team, organizers of some of the most talked about online events on the independent scene and Jorge Wienekiev, one of the organizers of Club Matryoshka, a nightclub built in Minecraft as a safe and free space in reaction to the machismo and homophobia that is widespread on the Manila night scene.