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Primavera Pro is a global meeting point for the music world, opening a window on what's new and the challenges of an industry that is in constant evolution. During the week of Primavera Sound, this commitment culminates in the celebration of the yearly international meeting in Barcelona. For 5 days, the state of the music business is debated with the best-known experts in the field, showcasing dozens of newcomer bands and giving access to all the tools necessary for the professionals from all around the world who attend the meeting.

Primavera Pro has become the ideal setting for the analysis of what is going on and what is in store for the future of the music world, thanks to its position as a strategic point of cultural exchange between Europe, North America and the Latin American countries. In 2019, over 3000 accredited professionals (half of whom were international) attended and participated in around 100 activities and 59 showcases.

It is, in short, where music meets.


Primavera Pro 2020 will take place from 3rd to 7th June.

For 5 days the meeting will host a multitude of activities, which will go from debates to networking sessions, and include conferences, workshops, mentoring sessions, showcases and receptions consistently aimed at expanding knowledge of the sector and contributing to its transformation. As well as its central programme, Primavera Pro also hosts the International Congresses that it has organised since 2015 together with some of the main organisations of the sector: such as the Concert Venues and Independent Labels organisations.

Innovate, Think, Connect, Engage, Play, Build, Lawyer Up, and Screen are the concepts that provide the backbone of the content of the Primavera Pro activities that are at the same time a declaration of intent.

Primavera Pro divides its activities into two fields of action:

DAY PRO CONFERENCE: The centre of daytime operations, located in the CCCB, in the centre of Barcelona. As well as hosting all the talks, workshops and proposals, it also opens the city to the emerging bands participating in Primavera Pro with a free programme of concerts on a daytime stage. The talks will take place from Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th June, from 9 AM until 6 PM. The showcases will take place from Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th June, from 11AM until 6PM.

NIGHT PRO: Primavera Pro also has its place in the Primavera Sound programme in Parc del Fòrum with its own stage, open to the festival audience, on which all the bands participating in the meeting will play, and with the Night Pro area, a VIP zone that is exclusive for Primavera Pro accredited professionals and is the perfect place to chill out and meet up.

Primavera Pro is aimed at:

  • Agents and representatives of national and international artists.
  • Concert promoters and festival and music event organizers.
  • Professionals from independent and multinational record companies, distributors and record shops.
  • Fairs, festivals and concert venues.
  • Communication agencies and press specialised in music, culture, IT, multimedia and Internet.
  • Professionals from public institutions responsible for culture and entertainment, music export offices and organisations that promote music internationally.
  • Profesionales from the audio-visual sector with an interest in the possibilities that arise from the synchronisation with the music media analysed in Primavera Pro On Screen.
  • Teachers, students and researchers in the fields of communication and music studies.
  • Anyone interested in knowing first hand the endless transformations of the music world.
  • Primavera Pro all year round

    Beyond its annual meeting, Primavera Pro continues all year round, with a day-to-day monitoring of news and the latest tendencies in the industry in the monthly bulletin Primavera Pro Digest and on the other digital platforms and social media.

    Moreover Primavera Pro is profoundly committed to the training of new professionals through teaching agreements and collaboration with some of the main Spanish universities, including Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Postgraduate course in global music business management), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Masters in Cultural management), Blanquerna (Masters in Production and Cultural communication), and the Universidad de València (Postgraduate course in Music Business Management).

    Primavera Sound

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