orn in Arbuniel (Jaen), he arrived in Barcelona at the age of ten. From a very early age he got involved in the social, cultural and political fabric of the city, and in 1979 he founded Taller de Músics together with Fernando Hernández. This institution became an international reference, opening itself to several areas in the sector, apart from the academic: management and representation of artists, production of spectacles, etc. In 2007, Cabrera launched the platform Xnet to explore different ways of managing copyright, and since 2006 he fronts the association Altres Andalusos, that defends the active participation of migrants in the construction of Catalonia. He is the author of the book published by Pòrtic in 2010. In 2015, he received an ARC prize in acknowledgement of his professional career.

Participation as speaker: Primavera Award: Taller de Músics