Fuerza Cultural: art as politics


17:30 - 18:15 (CEST)

Language: Spanish (English translation)

One of the consequences of the protests that shook Chile at the end of 2019 was the birth of Fuerza Cultural (“Cultural Force”), a cultural movement made up entirely of players from the culture sector with the desire to create a cultural political party and have a direct impact on decisions that affect society. An innovative initiative that could serve as a model for other countries, now that art must organize itself like never before to rebuild and defend its structural fabric.

At this session, the president of Fuerza Cultural, Sebastián Milos, will speak with Ruben Wagensberg, founder of the independent record label The Indian Runners, promoter of the Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra campaign in favour of the reception of refugees and MP in the Parliament of Catalonia.